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1997 Ford Thunderbird

1997 Ford Thunderbird

Matthew becknell

My sons thunderbird burned 1 quart of oil a week and was running rough. First treatment led to car running smoother and no oil

consumption. Now car no longer smokes, runs so much smoother and has great pickup again. Getting ready to test it in tractor

trailers at Fedex.

 Speed in a Jug

Speed in a Jug

Mark Goin with Mag Motorsports

I can't say enough about these products that TriBoDyn has created and put out to us consumers. We have completed some

baseline testing in racing engines and saw gains with the product. We used the 20w 50 High Performance oil In our testing.

Results showed horsepower, torque, operating temperature, and base fuel comsumption gains. The Tri X 2 grease was a

no-brainer. All you can say is "it's speed in a jar". More results to come! My money is on TriBoDyn. Keep up the good work and

thank you.

 Tribodyn Saved our Engine

Tribodyn Saved our Engine

Ambush Racing

Not only does TriboDyn increase horsepower but it also provides a protective coating on your engine products. On March 26,

Caleb turned 10,080 RPM's on his cart while dropping all of the oil out of the engine. He continued to race and when he came

into the pits we pulled apart the engine. The only thing we hurt was the rod bearing and that was slightly. We were absolutely

amazed that we didn't hurt more, the TriboDyn additive in our engine oil saved us a very costly blown engine. We highly

recommend TriboDyn additives to any motorsports application from go-karts to NASCAR and everything in-between. Take it

from us, IT WORKS!!!

Lowers Operating Temperatures and Increases HP

Lowers Operating Temperatures and Increases HP

Michael Clause

The 20w-50 racing oil worked excellent yesterday, the temperature never got above 200° & it made excellent power, not to

mention it seemed to start very easily. Looking forward to putting it to the test again at our next mud bog.

Video link below:


Tribodyn Lowers Operating Temps

Tribodyn Lowers Operating Temps


My Baja has an air-cooled 2000cc engine. It ran hot, 210–220 degree oil temps with the extra fan running on the extra oil cooler.

I had just change the oil and had fresh royal purple in motor. I drained the oil and put in 20w50 TriboDyn. Once I started the car

and the motor started to heat up I noticed it idled smoother and the engine was quieter, as air cooled VW engines are a little

noisy. As I drove the car in the heat of the summer I watched the oil temp. It didn’t get over 195 degrees, it was over 90 degrees.

If it is below 80 degrees I cannot run the extra fan and it will run at 195, if i run the fan it drops to about 180 degrees.

I’m very happy with the results of the TriboDyn. I am so happy I will be changing the manual transmission lube to TriboDyn along

with repacking all the bearings with the TriboDyn grease.

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